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In what way did the inheritance of scientists and inventors in Central Europe affect the development of science? How to use old knowledge for new ideas? Who invented the pen? Why was Marie Curie one of the few women scientists in the early 20th century? Who before Isaac Asimov dreamt of traveling through space and of black holes? How to answer all these questions and know more? Compete with children from different European countries?

Central European Science Adventure - CESA represents a game, learning, entertainment, online lexicon, lectures, workshops and much more. The project involving six museums in Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia under the authority of the Technical Museum of Slovenia has a specific task. We want to extend the knowledge, ideas and creativity of scientists and inventors from Central Europe. We will present technical and cultural heritage through an interactive game aimed at children aged 10-14 years in an interesting, innovative and fun way. The game will be launched in autumn 2010 and will travel to six European venues. On the website you will also find an online lexicon of scientists and inventors from Central Europe, which portrays more than 300 scientists and inventors. Reach out for knowledge! Develop an idea! Be ingenious!

15. 11. 2009 - Publication of the online lexicon

At the end of November we will eagerly await the publication of the Online lexicon of scientists and inventors from Central Europe in the Slovenian language. This will be followed by English, ...

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14. 10. 2009 - 2nd CESA Partnership Meeting

The second partnership meeting was once again hosted by the Technical Museum in Vienna and lasted for three days. At the same time a MUT conference (Association of technical museums of Central ...

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