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This project is funded by the European Commission. The content is the responsibility of the author and in no way represents the views of the European Commission.


What is a scientific adventure?

Scientific adventure or Central European Science Adventure is an interactive game for children aged 10 - 14 years. The innovative system and approach encourages participants to learn about cultural technical heritage of Central Europe through the process of playing and active participation in the game. The multimedia content such as video, animation, audio applications provide a specific adventurous experience. The game animator leads and organizes the game in the specific atmosphere. In the game groups of players compete against each other, explore and solve the tasks provided for them. The game will be held live in six Central European cities - Ljubljana, Vienna, Brno, Krakow, Budapest and Košice - in native languages.

Who is the game for?

The game is designed as an additional school activity and is specifically designed for 20 to 30 students (a classroom), aged between 10 - 14 years. In the game children will be divided into four groups. Teachers are invited to actively participate in the adventure.

Of course children can participate in the game with their parents and friends and together they can set on a journey through the lives of scientists and inventors.

How long does the adventure take?

The game will last approximately 1 hour and is expected to be carried out every day three times a day. The game will start its journey in the Technical Museum of Slovenia in Bistra in autumn 2010.

What happens in the adventure?

The content of the game is based on historical facts and biographies of scientists and inventors. In the game we will try to clarify the impact of their inventions, discoveries and scientific works on the present time. We will reveal how their scientific principles, reflections and research activities affected daily activities, such as driving a car, effervescent vitamin C tablets, writing with a pen, and the larger ventures, such as spaceflights, radioactive elements and the discovery of heliocentric system.

Through practical tasks children will discover and explore the basic principles of physics, mathematics, chemistry, aerodynamics ... and test their abilities in solving the tasks together.

Through questions and answers they will hear interesting stories of the invertors, including their adventures and mischance, because they were frequently associated with their brilliant inventions and creative process.

However, each adventure also includes research in the field, so the children will try to find the answers in Museum, where they will have to find hidden information, a key to solving major scientific puzzle. In this way we will include the specific installation of the game in each of the museums, thus each time setting a platform for a unique game at various museum venues.

An online lexicon of scientists and inventors will be used by the competing groups in the game in order to help answer questions and solve specific tasks. It will enable them to find different connections and come to right conclusions with more complex tasks.

Game scenario will make the whole story of inventors and scientists very mysterious, dramatic and consequently the game even more interesting. Various multimedia means such as video, animation and listening materials will enable visual and aural presentation of the heritage in a more transparent and adventurous way. A special atmosphere in the game will upgrade the experience of adventure and lead children into the world of inventors and innovators.

Why would you want to participate?

  • Educational programme: Education and knowledge transfer through the game. Discovering the content on children's own initiative. Knowing the character of inventors and scientists. Encouraging logical deduction and finding connections in the text.
  • Fun experience: Having fun with peers in a new experience. Getting to know different sides of the scientists and inventors, through anecdotes and entertaining stories. Presenting them by means of video and audio. Participation in the experiments, interactive discovering of content. Entertaining, dramatic and interesting game scenario that leads children through the game. Skilled animators.
  • Valued elements: Promoting cooperation and teamwork in children. Promoting personal initiative, imagination, confidence, innovation and responsiveness.

15. 11. 2009 - Publication of the online lexicon

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14. 10. 2009 - 2nd CESA Partnership Meeting

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