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MIHÁLY, Dénes (Denis)

* 7. 7. 1894, Gödöllő, Hungary
† 29. 8. 1953, Berlin, Germany

Electrical engineer, inventor (Television)

M. focused on electrotechnics and on the development of television technology in particular. As the Technical University of Budapest had not had its Electrotechnical faculty yet, he studied mechanical engineering there. His first job was in the laboratory of the Budapest Telephone factory, where he began experimenting with the transmitting moving pictures and sound. In 1919 he presented his instrument, which he named Telehor and which was consisted of a selenium cell and oscilloscope and was capable of transmitting still pictures over a distance of many kilometres.
Since his research did not attract much attention he in 1924 accepted an invitation to AEG in Berlin. At the Berlin exhibition of radio apparatus in 1928 M. showed an improved apparatus with Nipkow disk, which was able to transmit images of moving objects. Already next year television coverage of moving people at a wavelength of 175.4 mm was made at the Berlin-Witzleben radio station with M's apparatus. This presentation marked the beginning of television. Based on this success M. in 1935 established a company to manufacture television sets, which included a Kerr cell and a mirror wheel. Because M. suffered from lung disease he had to withdraw from business life.

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