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* 5. 8. 1844, Krompachy, Slovakia
† 20. 5. 1925, Banská Štiavnica, Slovakia

mining engineer

After finishing the gymnasium, B. began his education as an apprentice in the Pohornád iron rolling mill in Krompachy, and later, as a student, switched to the Mining and Forestry Academy in Banska Štiavnica. In 1867, he was given the position of mining apprentice in the Count Office of the Mining Administration, and was appointed a post in Štiavnické Bane. In 1874, he was appointed mechanical inspector at the State Directorate for Mining in Banska Štiavnica; in 1895, he became mining councillor, and retired in 1907.
During forty years of working in mines in Banska Štiavnica, he planned and calculated numerous mining and metallurgical devices, and supervised their process. B. worked on designs for the economic use of water energy, on the improvement of mechanical devices, and worked on electrical devices of the Štefan metallurgical facility in Kluknava. In co-operation with a professor at the Mining Academy, E. Hermann, he researched the operation of water pumps in theory. B. also greatly contributed to finishing the advancement of the pit of Emperor Josef II. In co-operation with Gustav →Richter, Kachelmann, and Pécha, he constructed drilling machines and stands for drilling machines.
B.'s original invention is the construction of a pneumatic impact drilling machine with a double distribution of compressed air, which was deemed more powerful than those of the competition. The drilling machine was used primarily on solid rocks and in the advancement into new parts of pits. At the Provincial Exhibition of 1885, and at the Millennium Exhibition of 1896 – both were held in Budapest – the jury awarded B. with a medal.

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