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* 30. 6. 1919, Kúty, Slovakia
† 25. 4. 1979, Košice, Slovakia

Mountain scientist, mining engineer

Upon completion of grammar school in Skalica, V. studied in Ljubljana from 1940 onwards, then at the College of mountain science of Leoben. After a longer interruption of schooling due to the war he attended Mining College in Příbram from 1946. As a mining engineer V. among other things worked in coal mines in Handlová and Modrý kameň and from 1955 onwards participated in the mining project in Bratislava. He became a professor at the Mining Faculty in Košice in 1961. From 1968 he managed the Department of mineral exploration. One of the important areas of his academic work is also a rock mechanics, to which he addressed in his dissertation "The fundamental questions about the stability of long pit mining," that was written in 1973. Together with colleague J. Frie he in 1962 received the Czech patent for a particular type of pre-prepared installation of the engineering device for working in the pits. His techniques were not used only in Czechoslovakia, but also in Hungary, Belgium, Romania and Yugoslavia. He published over 80 articles, reports, expert opinions and discussions. Under his leadership a known monograph, also known as the university textbook called "The construction of an underground mine", was made.

24. 05. 2011 - Opening of CESA in Košice

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20. 04. 2011 - Opening of CESA in Budapest

On 4th May, 2011 we will open the Central European Science Adventure in Magyar Műszaki és Közlekedési Múzeum in Budapest. The game will be accessible for school groups ...

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