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SVAJCZER, Gabriel Mikuláš

* 11. 6. 1784, Košice, Slovakia
† 4. 8. 1845, Baia Mare, Romania

Mining engineer

After completing grammar school in 1802, S. was given an opportunity to practice at an office of senior inspector in Smolnik. After a year of practice, he studied at the Mining Academy in Banská Štiavnica from 1802 to1804 and then went on a study tours in Austria-Hungary mining districts. In 1807 the Viennese Royal chamber appointed him land surveyor at the Mining Court in Smolnik. From old family documents, S. found out about the abandoned mines on state land in Zlata ldka for which he received the rights for excavation. After nine years of research activity 300,000 tons of silver and antimony ores were detected. In 1818 the Royal chamber appointed him senior inspector and mining judge with powers to manage the mines and mint in Baia Mareandt. The next step in his career occurred in 1834 when he was appointed Hungarian Count of the House of Lords in Banská Štiavnica.
Under this situation the Royal chamber gave him the task of preparing a new mining code for the area of Hungary in 1844. A year later he received a decree of retirement. Due to his long-standing activities in the civil service S. is considered a significant mining innovator in Zlata ldka, Transylvania and central Slovakia. He is credited for constructing a number of major mine shafts, as well as separations, a plant for the production of steel cable and rolling mill in Podbrezová. As a director of Mining and forestry academy S. supported mining science and education of young researchers and was concerned for the creation of exemplary surveyor maps. He offered his services to the Ruussian Tsar Nicholas. He received a noble title at an early age by Emperor Franz I.

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