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* 22. 1. 1852, Szeged, Hungary
† 27. 10. 1939, Budapest, Hungary

Mechanical engineer

C. gathered his first practical experience in his father's forge. He gained further knowledge in Szeged - Reka railway workshop in Szeged and then at the engine-shed of Hungarian State Railways in Budapest. He was interested primarily in locomotives and he also learned German and French in Budapest. After the study trip in 1874 to factory machines in Vienna, Zurich and Paris, he in 1877 became head of the training workshop at the Budapest Technical University, where he worked as a foreman. Since C. wanted his education to be improved with practice, he used this workshop for his own experiments. C. constructed the first Hungarian gas motor in 1879 and in 1882 engine, powered by coal gas or petroleum. From 1880s he successfully worked with young engineer Donát →Bánki. From this cooperation many inventions arose in the field of construction machinery and engines, such as improvements of gas machines and machinery to be used in small crafts and agriculture. In these engines the carburettor, previously invented and patented by the two in 1893, was installed. Around 1900 C.'s interest turned from building engines to the construction of motor vehicles. Among other things he designed a motor tricycle (1900) and a transport vehicle for the Post Office (1906). After he retired in 1925, C. handled a small workshop, in which he primarily repaired cars. He did not live to see the opening of the engine factory he designed in 1941.

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