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* 31. 1. 1930, Radovljica, Slovenia
† 2. 2. 1983, Ljubljana, Slovenia


S. graduated from the department of chemistry at Ljubljana Faculty of Arts in 1955 and took a doctor's degree on the chemistry of fluorides in 1965. In 1958 he took over the laboratory specialising in the chemistry of fluorides at the Jožef → Stefan Institute in Ljubljana. In 1969 he became an associate and in 1974 the full professor.
His major accomplishments were in the field of noble-gas chemistry. In 1962 the first xenon compound was synthesised in his laboratory. With the construction of Krško nuclear power plant and the opening of the Žirovski vrh uranium mine, he directed his endeavours towards the technology of radioactive elements and together with domestic colleagues as well as the collaboration of experts and funds from the USA and IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) he developed by 1965 a semi-industrial method for the production of uranium from uranium ore and a new, ecologically relevant and original procedure for a closed circulation of the processing water. This technology became established elsewhere in the world over the following years. S. was also engaged in the field of environmental chemistry; in the sulphate and fluoride chemistry he developed a technology of processing substances not detrimental to the environment to a level of industrial applicability. Unfortunately, the uranium ore processing at Žirovski vrh proved that not all environmental impacts can be predicted. Further to professional issues S. also suffered from health problems and at the age of 53 committed suicide.

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