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* 12. 2. 1910, Holíč, Slovakia
† 6. 7. 1987, Bratislava, Slovakia

Mechanical engineer, mountain scientist

Č. attended high secondary modern school in Hodonín and later studied mechanical and electrical engineering at the Technical University in Brno. At the end of the study in 1934, he specialized in a then relatively new field of welding techniques. In order to obtain theoretical knowledge he in the following three years attended one of the few technical schools in this area, i.e. the École Superieure de Soudure autogenous in Paris. He gained practical experience in a number of foreign companies, including Sweden (ESAB) and France (Air Liquide, Babcock Wilcox). He was soon promoted to a recognized expert in the field of welding. In recognition of his achievements he in 1947 received the International Award from Lincoln Arc Welding Foundation in Cleveland (Ohio). Among other things he created the first standards for materials research in the field of fusion welding. After 1945 he held leading positions in some of the most important engineering factories and iron works. He was credited with the creation of the Czechoslovak Research Center for welding in 1949 and the Welding Research Institute in Bratislava which still exists today. In 1953 he participated in establishing the Professional research institution at the Slovak Academy of Sciences, which is now called the Institute of materials and machine mechanics. As a university professor he taught at the Technical University in Bratislava.

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