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* 1700, Ábelová, Slovakia
† 23. 3. 1750, Trenčín, Slovakia

Surveyor, cartographer, mining engineer

After schooling in Lučenc and Banska Bystrica M. from 1719 to 1721 learnt engraving at J. G. Puschner in Nürnberg. For assistantships exam he engraved a map of Demanovska Cave on the basis of drawings from Buchholz which is still known today. Between 1721/22 he studied mathematics at the University of Altdorf in Nürnberg. During his studies he published two series of engravings – views of Aldorf and Nürnberg. He completed his studies in Jena in 1723 with a graduate diploma in mathematics and geodesy.
M. began his business career in 1723 as a cartographer of Jena principality. In 1725 he moved from Germany and became surveyor at Bratislava district. In addition to land reclamation works he also found interest in astronomical observations, which were later used in his cartographic works. In 1731 Emperor Karl VI. authorized him to makes several maps entitled Notitia Hungariae novae historico-geographica. He relied on his astronomical observations and geometric-trigonometric works to make these maps.
Prussian Academy of Sciences awarded his great skill by electing him a member in Berlin in 1735. In the same year the Emperor appointed him a mining engineer for Hungarian mines and authorized him to establish a mining school in Banská Štiavnica, whose first director was M.
M. became a mountain scientist in Banská Štiavnica and a leading expert on the construction of reservoirs, mining machinery and equipment, while making maps and plans of mines. In 1750 he was delegated by the Court Chamber at the request of Magistrate to carry out anti-flooding work on the river Vah in Trenčin. M. died before the completion of works on the road to Banska Štiavnica.

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