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MIHALÍK, Vincent

* 4. 7. 1930, Žakarovce, Slovakia
† 11. 12. 1974, Kolinovce, Slovakia

Mining engineer

M., who was born in a mining family, attended grammar school in Spišská Nova Vesa and in Košice, where he also graduated in 1949. Than he began his studies at the Mining University in Bratislava, which he, after the school was moved to Košice, completed in 1953. After that he for six years worked as a research associate in the Processing technique Department. He successfully defended his dissertation in 1961.
M. early appeared in the economic circles: from 1959 to 1962 he worked as a designer in the iron mining facility in Spišská Nova Vesa, then in ironworks in Rudňany as the chief technician for constructing the new industrial plant for processing half-metals, which became one of the most modern and largest ore processing plants in Slovakia. In 1967 M. took a post at the Institute of mineralogy at the Slovak Academy of Sciences in Košice and became its President in 1969.
For all his life M. dealt with theoretical and practical problems of processing techniques, especially in the area of elimination and hydrocyclone. In Rudňany he worked mainly on ore processing by means of magnetic separation. In 1976 and 1982 he patented newly developed devices in this field. In 1973 M. established a periodic publication Mining Journal (Blätter Bergmännische) and became a member of numerous government commissions, scientific colleges and various expert committees.
He was killed in a car accident in 1974.

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